Why am I Always Hungry?

Why am I Always Hungry
Why am I Always Hungry

Do you often feel so starving or carving for more food even though you had just got your meal a while ago? Do you often stay alert at any time because the grumbling voice of your tummy was demanding food to take in? – Well, you apparently are not alone to feel the same exact feeling. There are plenty people out there who encounter similar occurrence. It is often happening and makes your appetite so huge as if you want to devour all those kind of foods within your reach. And in the end, left you alone with a wondering question, why am I always hungry?

That kind of always hungry behavior is not just suddenly popping out of nowhere without any reasons behind it. Based on some medical advice and inspections, these are the answer to most of the people’s question about why am I always hungry? Check them out:

You take too much of refined carbs

The first reason why someone is often feeling starve even after eating a bunch of food is that the excessive intake of refined carbs. The sources of refined carbs such as white rice and bread, candies, cookies and many else are something which will only satisfy your stomach. It does not truly give your body a proper balance of nutrition inserted into your body. Those refined carbs are going to be digested fast and regulate blood sugar level by stimulating the insulin response to high glucose. This will turn your blood sugar to stay low and here is the reason why you feel starving.

You have an inadequate sleep time

Many diet fanatics and nutrition experts have been suggesting the answer to the question why am I always hungry. They stated that we have to fulfill our body’s need for these three nutrients. Those are Protein, fiber, and fats. This has something to do with the first point above. Well, our body can produce enough carbs by itself. In other words, our body needs more income of those three macronutrients which take a longer time to digest. That is why it will lead our body to stay stuffed. These three foods contained by protein, fats, and fiber will work altogether stabilizing your body as well as keeping you to not eat too much at once.

Your body has less protein and fiber

Sleeping and good rest time is one package along with good nutrition to stay healthy. Based on some researches, inadequate time of sleep is also able to be a suspect to the feeling of hunger. People who have lack of sleep will unbalance their hormonal control. Moreover, it will shape into the attack of cortisol and ghrelin which are taking responsibility in both stress and hunger hormone. If you do not get nice time for sleeping, then this two hormone will demand quick fuel whether it comes from sugar, fats or anything else. Well, now you know the answer of why am I always hungry at all sudden. If you are on those three reasons, then you better fix it quick.

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