Top 3 Ways to Get Rid of Lice Eggs

Head Lice Eggs
Head lice eggs make a problem

Lice now become a serious health problem all over the world nowadays. Many changes in lifestyle and environment are the culprits of this problem to bloom. In some big countries like United States, Canada and many else. Some surveys stated that about more than twelve million children are being attacked by this tiny creature. Moreover, this lice problem tend to get bigger due to the fact that the female lice will lay around eight to ten lice eggs every day. Then those eggs will hatch in a week. Grown lice are also able to jump and migrate to another people and spread the more bad news for other people. But do not worry about it! We are here to give you some glad news on how to tackle that problem regarding lice in natural ways. Check them out!

1The powerful Lemonade Juice and olive oil mask

Lemonade is one natural source with high acid content. This contains is the hero which can solve the problem of lice on your head. Moreover, if you can mix it with nourishing olive oil. Then it is even better. This lemonade juice and olive oil mask for your hair are tremendously flexible for all ages. You can apply it to children as well as adults. This concoction is also able to wash away the lice eggs attached to your scalp.

2You can Chase the lice away with red onion

Usually, we use red onion to create a particular scent of a cuisine we cook. Besides its role to make a delicate food creation. We have to go through a harsh way to peel it. It can make us drop our tears when we peel it. This uncomfortable feeling caused by some chemist reaction of Propanethial S-Oxide from the mixing of Sulfur and Sulfide amino acid evidently do the same effect to lice. It can strike grown lice unconsciously and even kill the lice eggs even before they hatch.

3Aloe Vera, the magical plants with hundreds of benefits

You might have heard about the benefits of Aloe Vera to maintain the health of your hair. Some people say that it can make your hair grow thicker and fertilize your hair nicely. It’s rich contains like Calcium and Phosphor as well as many vitamins indulge your hair to its utmost reach. It is basically the complete solution for dandruff, damage and diverged hair, dry scalp, and much more hair problem. Moreover, surprisingly this green plant can also become a nice way out for lice and lice eggs problem.

Well, actually there are more natural ways than those three mentioned above. Just bear in mind that natural method tends to need more time and consistency to do. But you can relieve yourself since it is the safe way without bad side effect that can happen. It is also safer than the fast way by using some chemical material approach. Hope this works and make you hair lice-free from now on.


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Lovers of outdoor activities and trying to lead a healthy life. I am not a health professional, what I write is based on thinking, experience, and some of the experiences of others. Since childhood, I live in a traditional environment. Many people use herbs for treatment. At first, I did not believe it, but the various herb potions proved efficacious. Although not 100%, but healthy living with herb way is a reasonable life.