Top 10 Ways to Get Sexy Legs

Sexy Legs
Sexy Legs

Now how many of us are there who just take care of the upper torso of the body and care less about the lower. Everyone wants to get sexy legs and they mostly get earned rather than just bought. It is definitely a pleasant site when your legs are visible out of those skirts or even in the yoga pants showing off all of the cuts and detailed carving. But we don’t all naturally get legs that are toned and we have sorted out 10 easy ways for getting sexy legs, and here they are.


Squats don’t sound the coolest and fanciest but when it comes to toning legs, they certainly are a fine move. Now, this might sound easy but certainly is not. Squatting helps build up the leg muscles they enhance quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves. What’s good about squats is that they don’t only work your legs they also work up the upper and lower body strength. So if you’re looking for sexy legs squats are essential for you. Just stand with your legs apart at the same distance as your shoulders with your feet pointing outwards and perform the squat. Make sure the knees are in line with the ankles.

2Squat Kicks

Squats are effective but if you’re looking for a dynamic effect in your legs especially then you got to work up on something more than a squat. Here’s a recommendation, try out squat kick. These a blend of squats with the addition of a lateral movement. It’s an ideal lower body workout and would work up your legs and glutes making them toned and sexy with the most admirable cuts. Start up with squat position and rise while kicking one leg outwards in the straight line with your hips return to squat position and repeat the move with the other leg.

3Squat Jumps

Squat kicks are incredible for the legs but squats can be more than kicks. Another way to evolve the simple move is by doing squat jumps. So if you’re looking forward for some sexy calves this is the variation you need. This exercise would require a couple of dumbbells. Start of by keeping them at the sides, knuckles away from the body. Now perform the squat position and twist to 180 degrees in the air such that you land facing the opposite position. This exercise would undeniably give an exemplary effect on your calves making them sheared and sexy.

4Outer Leg Lift

Got thigh bulges that you look forward to cut up? Here’s the perfect workout for you. Outer leg lifts are going to do the job for you. But you can’t do it all alone, you need a workout partner, yes! You need a ball. Place the ball on the ground and kneel next to it. Now rest one arm and hip on it. Stretch the outer leg to one side making it come in line with the hip and torso. The key moves it to then flex the toe of your foot outwards towards the ceiling and repeat the process by changing position and repeating the same for the other side. This is certain to get you a sexy and trimmed outer thigh.

5Inner Leg Lift

A fine outer thing isn’t all, one needs a sexy inner thigh as well. For that, the inner leg lift does the magic. This pairs perfectly with the inner leg lift and targets the core muscles of the leg.  Other muscle groups that are affected and trimmed but this move are abdominals, hip flexors, back muscles and of course the thigh muscles. But the effects of the position may affect different muscles ie; effects by the ball floor sitting or lying may vary. Lie down to your side with the bottom leg extended straight. Bend the leg so the knee is resting on the floor. With the extended leg lift the knee higher than toes again towards the ceiling and repeat for the other side. For effective results perform the inner and outer moves consecutively.

6Plie Heel Raise

Is there an inner ballerina inside you? And does she want her legs to look dashing and beautiful? Here’s the exercise for you, the plie heel raise this exercise is brilliant for calves. This workout targets the muscles on the back of the lower legs. Other than the calves it also strengthens and shapes the inner thighs. Stand with legs apart and feet pointing outwards. Keep the knees above the ankles and extend your arms outwards to the sides. The key is to keep the thighs stiff and lift your heels and place them back. Repeat multiple times until the legs feel stiff.

7Seated Calf Raise

Afraid of getting shin splints? Seated calf raise is the solution. This would strengthen the lower leg and shape the calf but the legs aren’t the limited benefit of this workout. It also strengthens the core leg muscles. Sit down on a chair or stool or couch or whatever is available and place the feet completely flat on the floor. Using a dumbbell holding it on top of the leg that you’re going to work with. Now contract the calf muscle by raising your heel and repeat this on either leg. This exercise is ideally performed in a gym with the right equipment as the dumbbell doesn’t provide as much stress needed for the position.

8Toe Touch Lunges

The toe touch lunges are ideal for the legs trimming and toning especially if you’re looking for sexy legs. Besides strengthening and shaping the legs it also works up the back and improves any possible pains. Stand up with your feet apart at hip width with arms at the side. Now lift your chest and lunge back with one of the legs so that you press in the heel if the other side foot. Now towards this toe reach with your finger tips and bend your knee to 90 degrees. Repeat this for either side.

9Side Lunges

If you look forward to sculpting those legs. Side lunges are your thing. The lunges could be varied in all styles but side lunges are ideal for the core muscles of the legs and not just that but the butt as well. So with the legs, you get an entire sexy lower half. Stand straight by placing your hands on your hips now take one big step to the side with one knee bent. The other leg is to remain straight and hold the balance. Now push the heel and bring the bent knee back to straight position and bend the other knee in the exact same manner. Repeat for effective results.

10Bike Rides

If you like the outdoors and want to speed up the results of losing up extra bulges on the legs, then take that bicycle from that garage and work it up. This would speed up your results and not just that help the environment. This exercise would shape your entire leg muscles. A 30-minute ride everyday would make up so much of your target. And not just the legs the potential is as much as making you lose an extra 500 calories in a month. That’s quite a catch don’t you say