Top 10 Best Electric Toothbrush Perfectly Designed


Are you lazy? Or you’re just not a kind of a person who would just get out the bed early in the morning and be as grumpy as possible. Not talking to anyone until you have actually freshened up? Well, then you’re definitely a person who uses a toothbrush that can do the job. Because, man! It’s really tough doing all of the physical activities when even the eyes are denying to open up. So, just to solve the problem at the start of your day, we have compiled a list of top 10 best electric toothbrushes that are around, perfectly designed to help you start the day on a good beat when everything else isn’t really helping.

We’re going to start the list with Oral B’s Genius Pro 8000 that is our first pick for the best electric toothbrush. The main feature of this one is that it introduced the Bluetooth feature. It has six brush modes and gives a high-quality cleaning as well. Comes with a travel case and three other brush heads as well. But since it is Bluetooth enabled you to need to have a good command over the smart phones to get the most use out of this device.

Next is this silver beauty that was made by Philips. It comes on our list because of several other exceptionally good reviews by the users. It was rated 4.7 out of a total of 5 stars on Amazon and is still getting sold with the best in the market. The hard case that comes with this is totally traveling friendly and also has a voltage changer as well. Another one of the notable features is the nine combination brush modes. However, unlike the earlier one, it doesn’t have Bluetooth.

We’re going to see Oral-B a lot in the best electric toothbrush of our list today. The design it has is totally user-friendly, and it has no frills at all. It also has a pressure sensor that gives a very good freedom to the user. Another one of the features is the two-minute timer and a quad-pacer as well. But like other electric cleaners in the market, it has fewer modes and doesn’t come with any case. Apart from that it also is louder than other models that are available.

Now let’s talk about some rechargeable options that are going to look good sitting on the top of your wash sinks. Sonic Pulse II by Supersmile is widely recommended by different cosmetic dentists around, and one of the prominent features of it is that it is entirely waterproof. So you don’t have to get worried about the spills and other problems. Apart from that it has three brushing modes and comes with an elegant design. However, the replacement heads are pricy, and it also doesn’t have a pressure sensor on board either.

Now if your bathroom is small and you’re looking for something that fits perfectly fine then this definitely needs to be your choice. It is also one of those toothbrushes that are very famous over Amazon, and people love to review it better. After tons of such reviews, it has successfully managed to keep a 4.5 out of 5. Another notable feature is its long lasting battery that can stay operational for two weeks and also five brushing modes with a hard case. The only con we see in this model is the size of the handle which is very thin, so it doesn’t really fit nice.

This is a best electric toothbrush for all of the hard brushers that you can find around. Oral B’s 6000 is another highly rated toothbrush on Amazon, and it comes with a total of five brushing modes. The toothbrush boasts a fast Bluetooth on board and is totally customizable when it comes to the timer and the pressure applied. It also features a cool alert light ring on the body that is sensitive to pressure. The only problem you’re going to get in this deal is that the travel case included isn’t shaped to be a USB charger.

Let’s talk about some cheap options now. Something that fits your budget and gives you the best deal for your money. It is ISELECTOR’s electric toothbrush. Being highly rated by all of the users on Amazon this toothbrush is also equipped with several other features that included a UV sanitizer and five brushing modes. The package will include a total of four brush heads, and the battery life is something that makes it stand above all. But there’s no pressure sensor on board, neither it provides much of flexibility with the heads to choose from.

We have tried to cover as many types as possible, and this one is actually voted highly because of the futuristic and beautiful design it has adapted. It’s actually way too classy to be a toothbrush in the first place and comes with five brushing modes. It has six color options as well and also comes with a chargeable travel case. With its immensely helpful two-week battery life it also comes with three brush heads. The only con that has been found in this is the pressure sensor missing.

The world is moving forward, and where everything is advancing right there, the toothbrush is getting better as well. Oral B’s 7000 Pro comes with a total of six brushing modes, but it has something which most of the electric toothbrush in the market lack, that is the SmartSeries LED display on the body. The toothbrush is also Bluetooth enabled and comes with three replacement heads. However, if you’ve never seen a toothbrush smiling back at you, then this is not your pick for sure. You will also need an adapter if you’re traveling internationally.

Last but not least in the list comes Philips’s Sonicare 3. The reasons why it is on the top of the list are numerous. It is rated 4.8/5 on Amazon, and people just love buying it. Has three power settings and comes with two brush heads. The battery life is also very friendly as it can go for over two weeks and it also has a two-minute timer with a quad-pacer. With no pressure sensor, it still is number one, and that is because of price and design.

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