Are Peanuts Good for you and your Acne Trouble?

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Cashew nuts

There is this kind of myth. Saying that excessive consumption of peanuts will cause acne to grow to prosper on your face or even your body? – The question remains here is about the truth behind that belief. This case then leads those who believe always grumble when a cup of peanuts is served before their eyes. Worrying about their acne which they really hate to suddenly pop out in the next morning. Well, you should not beat yourself down so bad about it. We are here to bring you a light about this problem. Are Peanuts Good for you?

Is it true or just myth? Here is the answer!

So then what is the answer to the question are peanuts good for you and your acne trouble? – Well, not really. You should not blame peanuts for your acne trouble. There are plenty things you can point as the scape goat anyway. (Perhaps blame your bad habit and unhealthy lifestyle?). Actually, the assumption about peanuts is to blame for the emergence of acne cannot be fully justified. Peanuts or other types of nuts which we can find widely easy are in no way directly related to the presence of acne on our face. But, it is playing the minor role about acne. Just like any other food you consume every single day.

What’s inside peanuts?

To know better about the role of peanuts in your life, you need to know better than anyone else about what is actually inside them. Some health and nutrition experts said that most Peanuts commonly contain fats (30 to 50%), carbohydrates, protein (27%), choline, lecithin, and many other beneficially important vitamins (A, B, C, D, E, and K).

Not to mention others good stuff Peanuts also contain minerals such as Calcium, Phosphor, Magnesium, Chloride, Ferro, Potassium, and Sulfur. Usually, Proteins within peanuts are much higher than those of the meat and even eggs. If you often encounter unstable hormonal activity, carbohydrates and proteins in nuts can increase insulin in the blood. Moreover, oil from peanuts is the best source of laxatives and peanuts also contains high amino acids which are really good for stamina and metabolism. So, the answer to the question are peanuts good for you is yes.

The fact about peanuts causing acne

We have said beforehand that actually peanuts are not a direct cause of acne to appear on someone’s face. However, in some cases, peanuts possibly cause acne or even exacerbate acne because of sebum or what we generally have known as oil gland activity in oil production, blockage of the follicle ducts located in your skin pores, which then leads to inflammation beneath the skin surface. Yet, bear in mind that it is only occurred in tiny cases and for those who are intolerant or allergies for peanuts.

The truth is perhaps those who have bad tolerance in peanuts then exaggerate about how peanuts are making them become a victim of acne, while the actual reason is that they have allergies about it. So, are the peanuts good for you? The answer remains yes! (Unless you have allergy to it).