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The Alternative Best Cold Medicine that You Can Do at Home

Best Cold Medicine

Getting yourself under the weather is annoying. Moreover, when you have piling works to finish, and your body seems to be refusing to continue the activity by showing cold and harsh temperature change. In that uncomfortable situation, people tend to look for the best cold medicine to get rid of it quickly. However, there are some simple things to do which are considered as one of the best cold medicine to apply. You don’t have to worry because these methods are simply applicable without necessarily bring you to the nearby hospital. Figure them out now:

1Try warm water compresses this time!

Without a doubt, we have already know that the cold water compresses have applied as the natural treatment from generation to generations. Whereas, cold water compresses is actually not healing any cold or fever. What actually happens is that our body will translate the cold water compresses as the threat of cold temperature for the body. Which is then automatically increase the temperature and worsen the fever.

Some researchers found out that applying warm water compresses is even more beneficial to decrease the fever instead of cold water compresses. Dilated blood vessels caused by warm temperature from the compressed is triggering the sweat release and then facilitate the heat to diminish from the body. This warm water compresses is basically natural best cold medicine you can apply at home.

2Fill yourself up with so much liquid!

A medical research done in Vanderbilt School of Medicine by Dr. William Schaffner has the discovery that one of the best cold medicine we can apply at home is filling ourselves up with much liquid. The liquid here does not mean only mineral water. A person who got cold can also consume any liquid from warm tea or herbal drink, and even broth soup. This consumption of excessive liquid will help the cold patient to thin mucus which clogs the nose and throat as well as help to produce sweat and lower body temperature.

3Wet socks?! No Kidding!

Besides those two best cold medicine we have narrated above. There is another method which is considered quite unique. This method called wet socks cold treatment. Some medical experts in Maryland Medical Centre University have figured out that this way can help reduce the fever of cold patient. Before going to bed rest. You need to soak a pair of cotton socks into the water and wring it out. Once it is done, then you can stick it onto the sole of your foot like common compresses. After that, you need to wear thick dry wool or cotton socks for the coating of the wet socks.

By doing this. Your cold will start to get better due to your body’s circulation of lymph fluids, and tight blood flows to the tip of your feet. This will trigger and stimulate the enhancement of your immune system. Then to do the battle roughly with the cold and fever you are inflicted with.

What is The Healthiest Nuts? Compare These Three Magical Nuts Here!

Healthiest nuts

You can ask any nutrition experts about various nuts and compare them to find which one is the healthiest nuts among all of them. Only to find yourself amazed with how great the substances of nuts and how it is considered as one of the important sources of micro nutrition such as vitamins, mineral, healthy fat and more. Go nuts about it! Literally! – Not to mention that some latest researches in Clinical Nutrition in American Journal of Health stated that grown up people who set nuts into their meal plan regimen have shown a positive manner of the fat loss.

However, we are not talking about those benefits about nuts which is obviously healthy. But we are trying to help you do some comparisons about these various nuts. We will give you some list and then let you decide which ones are the healthiest nuts that suit your diet or meal plan. Check them out!

1Pistachio Nuts and its low calories are marvelous

Pistachio nuts

For some diet fanatics out there, there is no secret in taking advantage of the low calories from pistachio to shed some bad fats. Besides, its rich contents within pistachio know to be able to provide about 11 percent of your daily fiber needs. Moreover, the other stuff like high antioxidant substances, B6 vitamins and Thiamin in this nuts will give your body good nourishment.

2Cashew nut can blast your body metabolism

Cashew nuts

If you often encounter some problem like anemia, high cholesterol problem, and arthritis. Then you might be right to consider consuming cashew nuts from now on. Some researchers have figured out that this nut has doubled iron content compared to an ounce of lean beef. This nut also provides your body with its 36 percent of your body needs for minerals.

3Pecans nut can help you lower the risk of heart attack

Pecans nuts

Due to the fact that heart attack is one of the most dangerous diseases that can silently take your life away. Need a hand from pecans nut can be a great idea. Research shows that consuming a portion of pecan every single day can help someone reduce the risk of heart disease. This magical nut has some good work to do by degrading your high cholesterol level as well as protecting your body from motoric neuron degeneration. It is not stopping by just that. The facts that this pecans nut contains around 65 percent of saturated fats and more than 18 vitamins and minerals is also great enough to make you fall in love with this nut.

Well, actually there are more variety of healthiest nuts we can compare about. However, those three might be a good start to head for. Knowing how great those nuts are for your health, then you might need to just stock pile them up to your kitchen. Or maybe you want to choose one or two from those three to input into your daily diet. Go get yourself some nuts now! 10 Things, What Should I Eat

Top 10 Ways to Get Sexy Legs

Sexy Legs
Sexy Legs

Now how many of us are there who just take care of the upper torso of the body and care less about the lower. Everyone wants to get sexy legs and they mostly get earned rather than just bought. It is definitely a pleasant site when your legs are visible out of those skirts or even in the yoga pants showing off all of the cuts and detailed carving. But we don’t all naturally get legs that are toned and we have sorted out 10 easy ways for getting sexy legs, and here they are.


Squats don’t sound the coolest and fanciest but when it comes to toning legs, they certainly are a fine move. Now, this might sound easy but certainly is not. Squatting helps build up the leg muscles they enhance quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves. What’s good about squats is that they don’t only work your legs they also work up the upper and lower body strength. So if you’re looking for sexy legs squats are essential for you. Just stand with your legs apart at the same distance as your shoulders with your feet pointing outwards and perform the squat. Make sure the knees are in line with the ankles.

2Squat Kicks

Squats are effective but if you’re looking for a dynamic effect in your legs especially then you got to work up on something more than a squat. Here’s a recommendation, try out squat kick. These a blend of squats with the addition of a lateral movement. It’s an ideal lower body workout and would work up your legs and glutes making them toned and sexy with the most admirable cuts. Start up with squat position and rise while kicking one leg outwards in the straight line with your hips return to squat position and repeat the move with the other leg.

3Squat Jumps

Squat kicks are incredible for the legs but squats can be more than kicks. Another way to evolve the simple move is by doing squat jumps. So if you’re looking forward for some sexy calves this is the variation you need. This exercise would require a couple of dumbbells. Start of by keeping them at the sides, knuckles away from the body. Now perform the squat position and twist to 180 degrees in the air such that you land facing the opposite position. This exercise would undeniably give an exemplary effect on your calves making them sheared and sexy.

4Outer Leg Lift

Got thigh bulges that you look forward to cut up? Here’s the perfect workout for you. Outer leg lifts are going to do the job for you. But you can’t do it all alone, you need a workout partner, yes! You need a ball. Place the ball on the ground and kneel next to it. Now rest one arm and hip on it. Stretch the outer leg to one side making it come in line with the hip and torso. The key moves it to then flex the toe of your foot outwards towards the ceiling and repeat the process by changing position and repeating the same for the other side. This is certain to get you a sexy and trimmed outer thigh.

5Inner Leg Lift

A fine outer thing isn’t all, one needs a sexy inner thigh as well. For that, the inner leg lift does the magic. This pairs perfectly with the inner leg lift and targets the core muscles of the leg.  Other muscle groups that are affected and trimmed but this move are abdominals, hip flexors, back muscles and of course the thigh muscles. But the effects of the position may affect different muscles ie; effects by the ball floor sitting or lying may vary. Lie down to your side with the bottom leg extended straight. Bend the leg so the knee is resting on the floor. With the extended leg lift the knee higher than toes again towards the ceiling and repeat for the other side. For effective results perform the inner and outer moves consecutively.

6Plie Heel Raise

Is there an inner ballerina inside you? And does she want her legs to look dashing and beautiful? Here’s the exercise for you, the plie heel raise this exercise is brilliant for calves. This workout targets the muscles on the back of the lower legs. Other than the calves it also strengthens and shapes the inner thighs. Stand with legs apart and feet pointing outwards. Keep the knees above the ankles and extend your arms outwards to the sides. The key is to keep the thighs stiff and lift your heels and place them back. Repeat multiple times until the legs feel stiff.

7Seated Calf Raise

Afraid of getting shin splints? Seated calf raise is the solution. This would strengthen the lower leg and shape the calf but the legs aren’t the limited benefit of this workout. It also strengthens the core leg muscles. Sit down on a chair or stool or couch or whatever is available and place the feet completely flat on the floor. Using a dumbbell holding it on top of the leg that you’re going to work with. Now contract the calf muscle by raising your heel and repeat this on either leg. This exercise is ideally performed in a gym with the right equipment as the dumbbell doesn’t provide as much stress needed for the position.

8Toe Touch Lunges

The toe touch lunges are ideal for the legs trimming and toning especially if you’re looking for sexy legs. Besides strengthening and shaping the legs it also works up the back and improves any possible pains. Stand up with your feet apart at hip width with arms at the side. Now lift your chest and lunge back with one of the legs so that you press in the heel if the other side foot. Now towards this toe reach with your finger tips and bend your knee to 90 degrees. Repeat this for either side.

9Side Lunges

If you look forward to sculpting those legs. Side lunges are your thing. The lunges could be varied in all styles but side lunges are ideal for the core muscles of the legs and not just that but the butt as well. So with the legs, you get an entire sexy lower half. Stand straight by placing your hands on your hips now take one big step to the side with one knee bent. The other leg is to remain straight and hold the balance. Now push the heel and bring the bent knee back to straight position and bend the other knee in the exact same manner. Repeat for effective results.

10Bike Rides

If you like the outdoors and want to speed up the results of losing up extra bulges on the legs, then take that bicycle from that garage and work it up. This would speed up your results and not just that help the environment. This exercise would shape your entire leg muscles. A 30-minute ride everyday would make up so much of your target. And not just the legs the potential is as much as making you lose an extra 500 calories in a month. That’s quite a catch don’t you say

Top 10 Best Electric Toothbrush Perfectly Designed


Are you lazy? Or you’re just not a kind of a person who would just get out the bed early in the morning and be as grumpy as possible. Not talking to anyone until you have actually freshened up? Well, then you’re definitely a person who uses a toothbrush that can do the job. Because, man! It’s really tough doing all of the physical activities when even the eyes are denying to open up. So, just to solve the problem at the start of your day, we have compiled a list of top 10 best electric toothbrushes that are around, perfectly designed to help you start the day on a good beat when everything else isn’t really helping.

We’re going to start the list with Oral B’s Genius Pro 8000 that is our first pick for the best electric toothbrush. The main feature of this one is that it introduced the Bluetooth feature. It has six brush modes and gives a high-quality cleaning as well. Comes with a travel case and three other brush heads as well. But since it is Bluetooth enabled you to need to have a good command over the smart phones to get the most use out of this device.

Next is this silver beauty that was made by Philips. It comes on our list because of several other exceptionally good reviews by the users. It was rated 4.7 out of a total of 5 stars on Amazon and is still getting sold with the best in the market. The hard case that comes with this is totally traveling friendly and also has a voltage changer as well. Another one of the notable features is the nine combination brush modes. However, unlike the earlier one, it doesn’t have Bluetooth.

We’re going to see Oral-B a lot in the best electric toothbrush of our list today. The design it has is totally user-friendly, and it has no frills at all. It also has a pressure sensor that gives a very good freedom to the user. Another one of the features is the two-minute timer and a quad-pacer as well. But like other electric cleaners in the market, it has fewer modes and doesn’t come with any case. Apart from that it also is louder than other models that are available.

Now let’s talk about some rechargeable options that are going to look good sitting on the top of your wash sinks. Sonic Pulse II by Supersmile is widely recommended by different cosmetic dentists around, and one of the prominent features of it is that it is entirely waterproof. So you don’t have to get worried about the spills and other problems. Apart from that it has three brushing modes and comes with an elegant design. However, the replacement heads are pricy, and it also doesn’t have a pressure sensor on board either.

Now if your bathroom is small and you’re looking for something that fits perfectly fine then this definitely needs to be your choice. It is also one of those toothbrushes that are very famous over Amazon, and people love to review it better. After tons of such reviews, it has successfully managed to keep a 4.5 out of 5. Another notable feature is its long lasting battery that can stay operational for two weeks and also five brushing modes with a hard case. The only con we see in this model is the size of the handle which is very thin, so it doesn’t really fit nice.

This is a best electric toothbrush for all of the hard brushers that you can find around. Oral B’s 6000 is another highly rated toothbrush on Amazon, and it comes with a total of five brushing modes. The toothbrush boasts a fast Bluetooth on board and is totally customizable when it comes to the timer and the pressure applied. It also features a cool alert light ring on the body that is sensitive to pressure. The only problem you’re going to get in this deal is that the travel case included isn’t shaped to be a USB charger.

Let’s talk about some cheap options now. Something that fits your budget and gives you the best deal for your money. It is ISELECTOR’s electric toothbrush. Being highly rated by all of the users on Amazon this toothbrush is also equipped with several other features that included a UV sanitizer and five brushing modes. The package will include a total of four brush heads, and the battery life is something that makes it stand above all. But there’s no pressure sensor on board, neither it provides much of flexibility with the heads to choose from.

We have tried to cover as many types as possible, and this one is actually voted highly because of the futuristic and beautiful design it has adapted. It’s actually way too classy to be a toothbrush in the first place and comes with five brushing modes. It has six color options as well and also comes with a chargeable travel case. With its immensely helpful two-week battery life it also comes with three brush heads. The only con that has been found in this is the pressure sensor missing.

The world is moving forward, and where everything is advancing right there, the toothbrush is getting better as well. Oral B’s 7000 Pro comes with a total of six brushing modes, but it has something which most of the electric toothbrush in the market lack, that is the SmartSeries LED display on the body. The toothbrush is also Bluetooth enabled and comes with three replacement heads. However, if you’ve never seen a toothbrush smiling back at you, then this is not your pick for sure. You will also need an adapter if you’re traveling internationally.

Last but not least in the list comes Philips’s Sonicare 3. The reasons why it is on the top of the list are numerous. It is rated 4.8/5 on Amazon, and people just love buying it. Has three power settings and comes with two brush heads. The battery life is also very friendly as it can go for over two weeks and it also has a two-minute timer with a quad-pacer. With no pressure sensor, it still is number one, and that is because of price and design.

Top 3 Ways to Get Rid of Lice Eggs

Head Lice Eggs
Head lice eggs make a problem

Lice now become a serious health problem all over the world nowadays. Many changes in lifestyle and environment are the culprits of this problem to bloom. In some big countries like United States, Canada and many else. Some surveys stated that about more than twelve million children are being attacked by this tiny creature. Moreover, this lice problem tend to get bigger due to the fact that the female lice will lay around eight to ten lice eggs every day. Then those eggs will hatch in a week. Grown lice are also able to jump and migrate to another people and spread the more bad news for other people. But do not worry about it! We are here to give you some glad news on how to tackle that problem regarding lice in natural ways. Check them out!

1The powerful Lemonade Juice and olive oil mask

Lemonade is one natural source with high acid content. This contains is the hero which can solve the problem of lice on your head. Moreover, if you can mix it with nourishing olive oil. Then it is even better. This lemonade juice and olive oil mask for your hair are tremendously flexible for all ages. You can apply it to children as well as adults. This concoction is also able to wash away the lice eggs attached to your scalp.

2You can Chase the lice away with red onion

Usually, we use red onion to create a particular scent of a cuisine we cook. Besides its role to make a delicate food creation. We have to go through a harsh way to peel it. It can make us drop our tears when we peel it. This uncomfortable feeling caused by some chemist reaction of Propanethial S-Oxide from the mixing of Sulfur and Sulfide amino acid evidently do the same effect to lice. It can strike grown lice unconsciously and even kill the lice eggs even before they hatch.

3Aloe Vera, the magical plants with hundreds of benefits

You might have heard about the benefits of Aloe Vera to maintain the health of your hair. Some people say that it can make your hair grow thicker and fertilize your hair nicely. It’s rich contains like Calcium and Phosphor as well as many vitamins indulge your hair to its utmost reach. It is basically the complete solution for dandruff, damage and diverged hair, dry scalp, and much more hair problem. Moreover, surprisingly this green plant can also become a nice way out for lice and lice eggs problem.

Well, actually there are more natural ways than those three mentioned above. Just bear in mind that natural method tends to need more time and consistency to do. But you can relieve yourself since it is the safe way without bad side effect that can happen. It is also safer than the fast way by using some chemical material approach. Hope this works and make you hair lice-free from now on.


Starting Healthy Meal Plan? Forget Not These 3 Keys!

healthy meal plan

People who really know well about the healthy lifestyle all around the world will say that every healthy life starts from your kitchen (we bet our money on it!) – You can ask any professional fitness maniac or professors in healthy, only to find the same answer: starting healthy meal plan. People tend to be afraid of starting healthy planning for every day’s food supply yet they do not really want to learn much about how to do it right. That matter will then lead them into a really bad meal plan, instead of the healthy one. Well, consider yourself lucky today, since we will give you some good pieces of advice about 3 keys of the healthy meal plan. Check them out!

1Morning fuel, besides your breakfast is important part to heed

Some experts about nutrition always said that breakfast must not be forgotten. Indeed! Researchers found that people who are not skipping breakfast will be more productive and stay fit in their life. However, some more researches within specific diet programs even stated some breathtaking facts about the one part called morning fuel.
Morning fuel is the food you take a right after you wake up. People usually don’t eat anything right away after waking up. You do other activities like taking a shower, cleaning up your bed or else. Morning fuel is crucial due to the matter that your body is not getting any supply in the night time when you sleep.
So, what is the best morning fuel for us to take? – some nutrition advance is advising to take fast digesting and low glycemic food such as banana, melon or protein shake.

2Begin counting the macronutrient you need, not just your calories intake

For the beginner, it is the right path to determine whether the food lists you have is considered healthy meal plan or not by seeing how much calories it gives. However, for more advance steps. You cannot just stop right there. Start to realize more about what is your body actually needs by counting macronutrient comes inside your body. Macro nutrition specifically like protein, carbohydrate, and fats as well as vitamins. Once you master them, creating healthy meal plan is a kid’s play for you.

3Pay Attention to The rule after 7 in the evening

When it comes to making your healthy meal plan succeed flawlessly. You need to also pay attention to the rule after 7 in the evening. Some diet and nutrition experts say that the best deal about successful diet is not to eat any food containing carbohydrate after 7 in the evening. This rule is not just initiated without reasons at all. This rule is considered good because eating so many foods with carbohydrate will disturb the rest time of your digestive organ when you asleep. To get the real adequate rest time, you need to let your digestive system rest well the whole night as well. Not just yourself.

10 Things, What Should I Eat in A Day

What should I Eat

We are what we eat, is a phrase we read every time, everywhere. That is true as well. What we eat has a very big role in not just our health but our life expectancy, our growth, our thoughts and many other key factors of our existence. There’s a lot that we consume in everyday life that is not really needed by the body, and there are even that hurt our body without us knowing about it. So here is the list of the 10 things that you can easily question as to what should I eat today. To help you to create a healthy meal plan.

10. Banana

Banana sources a lot of nutrients

An apple a day keeps the doctor away? Yes! But only a few people know that a banana is equally important too, and it makes us get a lot of nutrients that are otherwise missing in our daily diet. The banana gives and settles down proper potassium to the body and also give necessary fiber to the body. It is also very useful for the people who have problems with their cholesterol levels, last but not least it is easily available as well and can enhance the flavor of our mouth too.

9. Spinach

spinach leaves


Greens are important and vital for a day as well. Leafy greens like Spinach are filled with all of the nutritious entities. As they are all filled with the flavonoids, they actually help the body in removing the inflammation. They also help the bodybuilders because they help muscles regain freshness back from the workouts as well. Because of this exceptionally valuable quality, spinach makes people lose weight quickly and also provides better health. The same can be said about kale, broccoli, and some lettuces.

8. Berries

strawberry and other berries


Berries might look small and totally out of the picture in the beginning, but they have scientifically proven to be very useful in providing a very good armor to the body against aging. The blueberries, for example, have very high antioxidants that alternatively slow down the cell damage which clearly saves the body from degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Another one of the best features of berries is that they can be added in multiple other creams or yogurt that boosts up the protein intake of the body. Strawberries, for example, provide potassium, vitamin C and include folate in them that is very useful.

7. Yogurt

Yogurt good for weight loss


No matter which civilization claims the invention of this product the benefits body gets from it are beyond any compare and discussion. People who eat yogurt get a dose of animal protein and also get calcium, vitamin B-2 and also vitamin B-12 it also includes potassium and magnesium as well. It is one of the most common ways of consuming healthy bacteria that are very important and beneficial for the gut as probiotics. Last but not least, yogurt also helps with the weight loss.

6. Walnuts



Now, these might sound like a very small thing, but their effects on the body are enormous. Just snacking on a few in the evening can give you Omega-3 fatty acids which are very useful for the functioning of the brain. This directly affects all of the cardiovascular diseases and enhances the defense system of the body. There’s less cellular damage and also helps taking care of your diet in a day as you’re less likely to snack until dinner so, quite useful in losing weight. Isn’t it?

5. Avocados



If you’re having some problem with the cholesterol, then avocados are definitely your thing. Although avocados don’t come very cheap and eating them can go a little heavy on your wallet, but still, they will be worth it. They effectively reduce the bad cholesterol and prevent conditions that can later cause arthritis. They as well have proven to be very helpful in reducing the weight over a very long term.

4. Oatmeal



There’s a reason why a lot of people who go to the gym have oatmeal as their breakfast for almost every morning. It is also one of those cheapest meals that are filled with all of the basic nutrients required by a body. They are very high in fiber, the regular consumption of oatmeal helps lowering down the cholesterol levels and also reduce the blood pressure. The chances of gaining weight because of regular oatmeal diet are near to zero. Oatmeal with just a single bowl gives us enough energy for a day.

3. Coffee



Well, to many around the world, this is something they start their day with and for that there are multiple reasons. Several studies have shown that a little coffee every day helps reduce your chance of liver damage, staves off Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and even improves your performance in the gym. All you need to do is take a cup in the morning and then start the day it also enhances your mood. But drinking coffee at night can affect the sleep cycles so their consumption must be kept in check.

2. Beetroot



There are plenty of people who don’t like consuming beetroot, but it has proven to be a wholesome diet itself as well. The benefits you can get from it are way better to ignore. Multiple conducted studies have shown, a diet that has beetroot in access can improve the aerobic performance and also boost the brain activity. Even if you have a problem with eating it clear, try using it in a juice variety first.

1. Egg



On top of the list comes something that is going to fend off an incoming stroke by 12 percent. Eggs are widely used all over the world in the different dish as well, and they are a fully packed package for proteins. They are a perfect source for the muscle enhancement and B-group vitamins as well that are very good for eyes. The best part is it providing those healthy fats that can help the eyes in their vision and also take care of the joints. An egg a day is going to keep the doctor away as well, and it’s not going to raise cholesterol either.

These 4 Indications Tells You Have Anxiety Attack

Anxiety Attack
Anxiety Attack

Being anxious is fine, we all have this kind of feeling in any occasion of our life. Like, stress out about our financial matter, doing a presentation in front of clients, or the time when someone wants to confess the feeling to love ones. However, it is not just normal anxiety if it takes over your life due to its excessive visit. People nowadays get anxious so often, in fact, some people have got themselves into bad anxiety attack without even realize it. But worry not about it! We have four indications that can tell you. Is your anxiety problem has already crossed the line or not?

1You encounter sleeping problem

The sleeping problem always believed to be linked to an abundant variety of health issue. Pay no attention to some articles saying about people who have insomnia is more creative people that who don’t. It is only justification, saying that everything is alright. But it is not! – In fact getting yourself encountering sleeping problem might be one indication of the anxiety attack and disorder.

The sleeping problem here is not like when you are overwhelmed with anticipation over some big event on the following days. But more like you wide awake in bed worrying about nothing in particular. However, the sleeping problem is not all about the matter of inadequate sleep. Some experts say that it means the same when someone can sleep but has a bad nightmare over time or waking up with an uneasy feeling.

2You often have chronic disease in indigestion

Another sign of the anxiety attack and disorder is its shape or manifestation on your digestive matter. Don’t get us wrong here! Anxiety problem may occur originally from your mind. But your body system will be affected by it. Some experts say that our gut is one of many sensitive parts of our body which can tell about a psychological problem. You can read it by indicating the frequency of digestive problem happens such as constipation, diarrhea, cramp, stomachache, bloat and else.

3You often come up with irrational fears

Several anxiousness usually bounded into a specific situation or stuff. It is not generalized. Say maybe someone is afraid of a specific animal or afraid of height. When your fear upon those specific things become excessive, disruptive and make you sink into way much out of proportion. Then you find yourself has an anxiety attack and disorder.

4You make sudden flashback to traumatic experience

One other true indicator of an anxiety attack is PTSD. Based on some recent researches, this Post-Traumatic Stress is not a stand-alone condition but rather to be called joining factor of anxiety disorder. So, if you often revive a traumatic and bad flashback of your life – as violence happened in your childhood, the death of your beloved ones, bad experience in school or campus life and many others. Then it might be a sign, and you have an anxiety attack on yourself. Well, if you do have those all four signs we mention above, then you might consider yourself to meet some experts to consult about it.

Top 5 Best Pillows for a Comforting Sleep

Best Pillow
Images by Nikitabuida

A human being is entitled to choose what is best, and that goes for everything out there ranging from clothes to pillows. We will talk about the latter because apparently, the mattress is the only faction of the bed that holds any importance. When was the last time your brain went to your stomach to sleep peacefully for the night? If you are neglecting any discomfort your pillow is causing you, it is the equivalent of disregarding the importance of your brain.
The fact that pillows should be regularly washed and replaced remains intact, but that does not make a pillow more comfortable, it just reduces the unhygienic aspects. For your convenience, we have picked out the best pillows out there for you to spend your night at ease.

1Fogarty Wool Medium Support Pillow

If you are looking for a pillow that can make you feel what the perfect one can be like, this is your pick. It is made purely from wool which is a well-known regulator of heat thanks to its ability to absorb humidity and moisture and keep an herbal, cool feeling around your head at all times in the night.
This is our number one pick because, for those who do not know where to start, this is as close as it gets to perfection.

2Feather and Black Duck Super King Pillow

If budgeting is not an issue for you and you can afford the high-end luxuries, this 100% cotton pillow fluffed up enough to exactly match the support of your head is what you need in your life. The reason we feel it is not overrated for the price asked is that it offers a graceful degree of comfort as soon as your head rests on it, and is perhaps one of the most durable and stylish picks in the market.

3Soak and Sleep Goose Pillow

This is a rectangular design which can be spotted from miles away, but the design is not what makes it one of the most sought-after pillows in the market, is the perfect spreading of the symmetry inside which makes it perfect for any pillow enthusiast out there.

4Debenham’s J Pillow Pair

This machine washable pair out there is one of the most economical deals you can get if you are looking for great quality pillows which do not transform into a letdown two months into usage. The pillow is quite lightweight and has the homely sensation to it every time you start recovering your strength on it and is the perfect pair if you are looking to decorate your beds with twins.

5Julian Charle’s Anti-Allergy Pillow

This pillow gets a spot in our top picks not only because of how incredible it is if you are on a budget, but also because it is anti-allergy. If dust is your enemy, Julian Charle’s your friend, and you should get this pillow if you are looking for a sneeze-free comfortable night’s sleep.

Stomach Pain After Eating and Its Reasons

stomach pain after eating
Image created by Asierromero

If you have ever been through stomach pain after eating, you know exactly how painful and annoying it is. If you ever had to choose between pains, stomach pain is the last thing you would go for because not only is it distressing but also quite embarrassing at times.

Ever been in an important formal event, had a little food with people and your stomach gases start hitting you making you feel like a pregnant woman about to deliver? Because of same.

stomach pain after eating
Image created by Asierromero

However, there are several reasons why stomach pain occurs specifically after eating.



This is one of the most common causes of stomach pain after eating. There is hard and dry feces in the descending colon accumulated due to irregular bowel habits and very low amount of fluids in the diet. When you take food, your intestines do not give it a warm welcome because there is not much space and this gives you pain.
If constipation gets serious, you will not be able to eat at all at times and suffer from a lot of pain.


Dyspepsia is commonly known as epigastric discomfort following meals. It may be due to peptic ulcer (damaged area of mucosa caused by the digestive action of gastric juice in the first few centimeters of the duodenum). When you eat, you experience heart-burn and abdominal pain. You may also experience flatulence due to anorexia, nausea, and vomiting.


Gases aren’t very dangerous, but the pain that they cause might make you wonder if you’re dying. There are gases in your stomachs such as hydrogen, oxygen, methane, and nitrogen. These are the gases that you swallow, the digestive gases and the gases that may be caused by the bacteria fermenting carbohydrates (enjoying the shelter you provide). Now unfortunately many foods that you eat produce these gases like fruits, veggies, whole grains, etc. and even if you eat something that isn’t gas producing, the food will press on the already produced gas (that is not ready to pass out) giving you sharp abdominal pain.

4Food Intolerances

You might not have any specific disease, but a common allergy from a specific type of foods can cause stomach pain after eating.
For example:
Gluten intolerance. Gluten is a protein. Its found in wheat, barley, and rye and if you are intolerant, it might cause gas and stomach pain.
Lactose intolerance. Ever had a cheesy pasta or pizza and suffered a stomach ache later? It might be because you are lactose intolerant. Quit dairy products.

5Food Poisoning

Food poisoning, also known as gastro-enteritis, can be due to virus, bacteria, protozoa, or non-infective by some allergy. It can cause serious abdominal pain accompanied with vomiting, diarrhea or both, usually within 48 hours of consumption of contaminated food.


These naughty fellas can reach your innocent stomach within no time and sans warning! These usually come from contaminated or undercooked food and contaminated water, drinks or swimming pools. These parasites can cause infections of many kinds while they enjoy in your intestines, giving you abdominal pain. Stomach pain after eating is not uncommon in these cases.

While the above mentioned remain common and somewhat harmless causes, others can be appendicitis, piles (hemorrhoids), cancer, diverticulitis, side effects of some medications, etc.