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3 Simple Natural Best Mosquito Repellent You Can Do it Yourself

best mosquito repellent

Let’s not beat around the bushes! – We all hate mosquitos. Nobody in this world will be a good enough to let a single mosquito stabbing our skin and suck our blood out without going crazy about it. Clapping them everywhere. Unless you are a monk who lives with the nature on top of the mountain. Well, to tell you the truth, even those monks also often use some best mosquito repellent to make them away. But, the difference is that they use natural concoction for it and we don’t. In this article, we will tell you some of those natural best mosquito repellents you can use as the alternative for chemical substances of mosquito repellent nowadays.

Lemongrass leaves and eucalyptus oil

The most ancient way to kick those annoying mosquitos from your sight is using lemongrass leaves. You can make the concoction from it by blending some sheets of lemongrass leaves with warm water. Mix them up and leave it be for around 6 to 12 hours. Right after the time pass, drain it and separate dregs to obtain its liquid. Use the liquid of lemongrass leaves to spray around your room and suspected spots where mosquitos often appear. To get an even more powerful effect, you can combine it with eucalyptus oil. That is the first natural best mosquito repellent.

Lavender can also do the work as best mosquito repellent

Naturally, mosquitos hate some kinds of flowers. Flowers like chrysanthemum, rosemary and else are believed to be good repellent for mosquito.  And one of those flowers that mosquitos hate and favored by people is lavender. Making the concoction made from lavender has its own perks. Knowing lavender has unique fragrance which is suitable for your room. In fact, it is also hated by mosquitos. So why don’t you use it to dispel their attack? – All you need to do is mix the lavender oil with water. You can add a little bit of yeast to get a more powerful result. Once it is mixed nicely, simply put it in a strategic place in your room. Truly the best mosquito repellent.

Peel your orange skin to cast mosquitos out

If you like to eat an orange, then lucky for you because it is also good to be the natural best mosquito repellent. Just ensure to not throw those orange skin you peel and gather them up. To make such concoction from it is quite easy. You just need to easily put those orange skin to some spots around your room to keep yourself safe from mosquitos. But just remember, to change it regularly with the new orange skin substituting the old one. Because if you forget about it, then it will attract more mosquito to come closer instead. There are many other natural best mosquito repellent that is actually easy to make. Even stuff in our kitchen like onion, lemonade, and many others can also be applied as a mosquito repellent. Perhaps, we will explain about them later on the next time.

Bipolar Test: 4 Easy and Simple to Determine your Depression

Bipolar Test

A simple explanation about bipolar is that it is a mental disorder which actually tormenting the psychic condition. It is a mental state where commonly characterized by extreme and severe mood swings that often happen abruptly. Many psychologists stated that this condition often derived to the form of mania and feeling of depression. Hence, previous terms for this condition used to be called as manic depressive, but in more recent one is simply called bipolar disorder. You know, actually, there are simple questions that you can try to ask yourself about. It is a simple bipolar test and might shock yourself up for the result that you might even have bipolar disorder. What are those questions?

Do you have any significant depression which lasted long?

The first question which is commonly asked when it comes to talking about the bipolar test is the significant depression you have experienced. The question is do you have any depression feeling which its severe condition makes you stay anxious and worry for such a long time? Check this out 4 Indications Tell You Have Anxiety Attack – Many psychiatric believes that if someone inflicted into depression or stress within minimally two weeks, then it is highly possible that bipolar disorder has surrounded the mind.

Do you often encounter both ups and downs?

What do we mean about the encounter of ups and downs here is the mood swings. Bipolar mania has several main indications. One of the most renowned is the easy mood swings. That occurrence has no tolerance at all because it can happen at any time and anywhere. If you ask yourself about this problem of quick mood swing such like suddenly feeling over confident or sad. Then it is highly possible that you have bipolar disorder.

Have those ups and downs triggered any problems in your daily life?

This third questions actually the derivative of the second questions. Ask yourself about it and inspect. If that ups and downs mood swings can trigger any problem in your daily life, then it just got stronger in clarifying that you are a bipolar person. Many experts meet some cases where bipolar person create any problem in the workplaces, regarding breaking law and relationship with beloved and close ones.

Do you feel like you act like a different person when those happen?

When those significant and intense sudden ups and down. Ask yourself about are you feeling like a different person at a time like that? – People with bipolar often act as if it is not them. And of course, it leaves people around them to wonder the strange change of personality. You might not realize it, but people around you did. So, you can start asking people around you regarding that matter.

Well, in fact, there is abundant bipolar test out there you can examine yourself with in order to figure out whether it is true or not you suffered bipolar disorder. However, those four questions are the basis step stones to identify sooner about your bipolar disorder to get better treatment.

Are Peanuts Good for you and your Acne Trouble?

cashew nuts
Cashew nuts

There is this kind of myth. Saying that excessive consumption of peanuts will cause acne to grow to prosper on your face or even your body? – The question remains here is about the truth behind that belief. This case then leads those who believe always grumble when a cup of peanuts is served before their eyes. Worrying about their acne which they really hate to suddenly pop out in the next morning. Well, you should not beat yourself down so bad about it. We are here to bring you a light about this problem. Are Peanuts Good for you?

Is it true or just myth? Here is the answer!

So then what is the answer to the question are peanuts good for you and your acne trouble? – Well, not really. You should not blame peanuts for your acne trouble. There are plenty things you can point as the scape goat anyway. (Perhaps blame your bad habit and unhealthy lifestyle?). Actually, the assumption about peanuts is to blame for the emergence of acne cannot be fully justified. Peanuts or other types of nuts which we can find widely easy are in no way directly related to the presence of acne on our face. But, it is playing the minor role about acne. Just like any other food you consume every single day.

What’s inside peanuts?

To know better about the role of peanuts in your life, you need to know better than anyone else about what is actually inside them. Some health and nutrition experts said that most Peanuts commonly contain fats (30 to 50%), carbohydrates, protein (27%), choline, lecithin, and many other beneficially important vitamins (A, B, C, D, E, and K).

Not to mention others good stuff Peanuts also contain minerals such as Calcium, Phosphor, Magnesium, Chloride, Ferro, Potassium, and Sulfur. Usually, Proteins within peanuts are much higher than those of the meat and even eggs. If you often encounter unstable hormonal activity, carbohydrates and proteins in nuts can increase insulin in the blood. Moreover, oil from peanuts is the best source of laxatives and peanuts also contains high amino acids which are really good for stamina and metabolism. So, the answer to the question are peanuts good for you is yes.

The fact about peanuts causing acne

We have said beforehand that actually peanuts are not a direct cause of acne to appear on someone’s face. However, in some cases, peanuts possibly cause acne or even exacerbate acne because of sebum or what we generally have known as oil gland activity in oil production, blockage of the follicle ducts located in your skin pores, which then leads to inflammation beneath the skin surface. Yet, bear in mind that it is only occurred in tiny cases and for those who are intolerant or allergies for peanuts.

The truth is perhaps those who have bad tolerance in peanuts then exaggerate about how peanuts are making them become a victim of acne, while the actual reason is that they have allergies about it. So, are the peanuts good for you? The answer remains yes! (Unless you have allergy to it).

Healthy Tips: How to Choose of Best Sunglasses Before you Buy One!

Best Sunglasses

Quick advice for you guys who are tempted to buy such rousing cheap sunglasses. If you demand to get the best sunglasses which has maximum features for its both health function and comfort. Then you might want to heed these five tips we have prepared for you here. Check them out!

Make sure it provides you with hundred percent protection against UV

Well, simply put. The very first best sunglasses you need to heed is its function. It is called sunglasses for a reason. Not just for display. The first you need to do is make sure the sunglasses you will buy can do its real function as sunglasses, which is giving you protection against UV. Sunglasses that cannot do it is absolutely dud. You can ask the seller, whether their product is actually 100 percent working against both UVB and UVA. The secret it, the price will talk about its quality.

Quality of the lens is something to question about

Typically bad quality of a sunglasses is its tint. The best sunglasses has solid dark and through color completely. While the low-quality sunglasses tend to be darker or lighter in color in some area. Try them out before buying one and be careful about the imperfection. Better to get yourself really good quality lens rather than just waste your money away right?

It must have the capability of blocking at least 80 percent of visible light

Some best sunglasses experts usually always use the rule of 80-20 when it comes to choosing the right sunglasses. The trick is knowing that the sunglasses should at least block around eighty percent of visible light and let the rest get through. You can check it by reflecting it to yourself. It should be easy to see your figure clearly when you do it, but you are unable to see your very own eyes. (Because if so, then possibly the lenses are very light. Look for other ones!).

The sunglasses must fit and stylish for your taste

Of course, you don’t buy those sunglasses if it looks weird on your face. This might sound to be more style tips than just health tips anyway. However, it covers more. The coziness of wearing that best sunglasses is a quite crucial thing, as well as the right frame and pair that can fit nicely to your countenance. Moreover, nicely fit sunglasses will not hurt your temples due to its pressure when you use it.

Demand Warranty if it has possibility

Last but not least. You need to check if the best sunglasses you will buy provide a warranty for you. You need to ask the sunglasses seller about it. Whether they will give you a warranty or not. Of course, the seller who gives you that is preferable and should be on the list of your choice. Well, now you know some of the trick and tips about finding best sunglasses with those criteria to look up. Hope this might give you a hand.

Important! the Truth About Foods that Cause Constipation

Foods that Cause Constipation

Imagine you wake up in the morning and you feel the urge to finish the business in the toilet. You run yourself up away to your toilet only to find yourself then, cannot finish your urgent situation due to constipation. Well, you might suspect the stress you might have in your day, but the real culprit often from the foods you have eaten. There are abundant foods out there which can lead you into the uncomfortable situation of constipation. You might think it perhaps because of some fried food or soggy meals you have in the local restaurant. But it turns out, even some regular foods which are considered good for diet can cause you severe constipation. We will give you some hints about them here.

Bananas make you Go Banana!

Some diet experts mostly use the banana as one good fruit to consume. This yellow fruit often becomes one main course for a healthy meal plan, due to its rich potassium and vitamins. Diet fanatics usually eat a banana for morning fuel before breakfast. Well, it turns out that even this fruit is actually one of the foods that cause constipation. Some researchers begin to study about this fruit and found out that the content of starches in banana is quite difficult to digest. In which it leads to constipation. This issue is still debatable though. Some nutrition experts stated that constipation can happen if you consume unripe banana only. It will not happen if you eat the ripe one.

Some Dairy products are also mastermind

In dietary program and fitness plan. The dairy product is considered crucial due to its content of good protein intake for the body. However, some latest research discovered that consuming an excessive amount of dairy product can cause slow digesting process happen within your body. In other words, it is also giving a high risk of a digestive problem. The dairy product is also one of many common foods that cause constipation.

Too much caffeine and too much-unfinished business in toilet

If you are a coffee addict who always complains about how hard you have to go through every morning when you go to the toilet. Then you might need to consider your rate of caffeine you drink every day because it is also included on the list of beverage and foods that cause constipation. It is indeed something so delicate to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning before starting your day. But bear in mind that caffeine is the substance which actually absorbs water in your body. So your digestive system is dehydrated and then lead into constipation. If you cannot diminish your caffeine needs, then you might consider to balance it by drinking mineral water to stay dehydrated.

Fresh meat is not always fresh for you tummy

If you are fitness fanatics and on bulking phase. Then you should already know that you need much protein to make the gain. Hence, there are many cases which found bodybuilder often encounter constipation problem. This is because the fresh meat they take as the source of protein. Fresh meat has the hard protein fiber and iron which is known to be uneasy to digest.

Shrimp Nutrition: What are actually inside This Crustacean Creature?

Shrimp Nutrition

Shrimp is actually one of many favored sea foods in many countries. Some district or states with geographical area nearby ocean, for example, Shrimp is not hard or rare to find. Besides, being consumed in some kind of cooking and cuisines, shrimp is also produced and processed to be great ingredients like pasta or crackers. If you are one of those people who are fond of seafood, then it should be a familiar delight when it comes to taste shrimp. But do you actually know about the shrimp nutrition? Or have you ever wonder about what are the good stuff and benefits about consuming shrimp? We will tell you about it here.

Shrimp Nutrition’s essential fatty and amino acids

Shrimp Nutrition’s essential fatty and amino acids for cardiovascular health and building muscle. One good news about consuming shrimp is that it can maintain your cardiovascular health. So you can say a good farewell to some kind of heart problem. This good fatty acids content in the shrimp will help your metabolism to decrease cholesterol as well as prevent atherosclerosis and blood clotting. Meanwhile other similar content like amino acids within this delicious sea creature can provide your body with enough stack for muscle development. So, by knowing that. Then eating shrimp might be a good idea to gain some good lean mass. Not to mention its high protein and low-calorie measurement.

Rich vitamins

Rich vitamins to meet your body’s daily vitamins needs and enhance enzyme function. There is an abundant content of vitamins you can find inside the shrimp. Some nutrition experts even say that consuming shrimp can fulfill most dosage of the daily value for protein. Those vitamins like B12 and Vitamin D can help improve the intelligence as well as growth process for youngsters and children. Vitamin E and high niacin can keep your skin away from many problems. Other vitamins like B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and many more will keep nourishing your body with great sources of fertilizer. Those vitamins, according to many scientists can give some good hands for the work of more than 60 types of Enzymes, biosynthetic and hormone systems and processes alongside the zinc content which is also can be found in the shrimp.


The antioxidant which will make your metabolism stay on duty! Besides some essential acids and the wealth of vitamins, you can take advantage of from the shrimp. You can also get a good provision from its content of antioxidants. It will help your metabolism to stay on duty. By the meaning that it will keep you away from many diseases that might attack you at any time. You are no longer vulnerable if you are routinely consuming shrimp. Well, now you have known about the sustentions and shrimp nutrition completely. Hope, it will give you some new useful information and consider inserting menu of shrimp inside your healthy meal plan the next time. And enjoy any various benefits from it from now on!

2 Big Mistakes of Waist Training that You Might Know

waist training

To be called a slim lady is a dream for many girls in the world. Who wouldn’t like to look sexy with small waist? Owning such astonishing body has always become a hot potato which everyone will never stop to talk about. However, to earn such kind of privileges. One cannot just magically look like that without doing such great effort (we are not a wizard who can be slim by swinging a wand off). Just like how successful people always say: you gotta do something you have never done before. This then leads people to do many rough waist training on the gym.

Sadly, there are a bunch of people out there who are willing to go through such big length of effort, but they seem to still not see the results nicely. Well, maybe you do it the wrong way. This time, we will breakdown two common mistakes of waist training that keep you running in place. Find out more and learn that probably you have one of those two.

You keep training your waist, but you don’t eat right!

How if we say that spending like three to four hours in the gym working out is useless if you still have no desire to fix the way you eat? You should have left the perspective that the more you do the waist training, the slimmer you are. Or the perspective of the more workout you do, then the more fat you shed. Well, you can go to every fitness center trainer and ask them about it. You will just find the same answer almost all the time. It’s your diet. It is all started from your kitchen.

Plan your proper diet by following some pieces of advice from the experts such as decreasing your carbohydrates intake and maximizing your meaningful macro nutrients by controlling your calories needs. Even better, thou can start to measure how much calories you need every day, whether it is on your busy days or off days. Do yourself some favors by getting a proper diet to support your effort, rather than just focusing to do waist training over and over again blindly.

You give up too soon!

The other common mistakes that most people encounter is the quieter manner. Just like we said in the beginning of this article. Unless you are a wizard who master some weird witchcrafts that can make you magically become slim by casting some spell or swing your wand, then you need to be consistent. Consistency has a tight bond with the patience. There are many people starts to get lazy because they do not see the result soon. Many people have narrow mind which thinks that by just doing a week worth of waist training can get the dashing slim waist they always dream about. Well, it is not working like that. Keep doing those waist training and go through proper diet. And you will certainly see the results later.

Easy Natural Home Made Best Sunscreen for Face

Best Sunscreen for Face

Are you going on vacation to the beach in a tropical area? Or are you trying to get your good tan into your sexy body? – Well, it sounds good, but please forget not to use your sunscreen. Even though we know that the sun gives many kinds of benefit to our body, (most valuable part is the supply of vitamin D for our bones). We must also realize that the sun produces the Ultra violet which can burn your skin and the most vulnerable part of your body: face. That is why applying best sunscreen for face is a milestone.

There are many products of best sunscreen for face out there. You can easily purchase it in the grocery or convenience store at the cost of some dimes. You can also heed their contents, whether it is SPF 15 or SPF 20. However, some people might find trouble regarding allergy and skin irritation about it. If you are one of them, then you can also substitute those sunscreen products by applying more of natural sources with the same function as best sunscreen for face. Check them out!

Ask your Chinese Friend to share some soy oil for sunscreen!

If you often hang out with your Asian Friends, you probably have already familiar with soy oil. Chinese cooking and cuisine are usually using this oil to create savory food. Surprisingly, this soy oil can become an alternative as natural best sunscreen for face. In fact, soy oil is applicable due to its SPF 10 criteria. Which it means, this natural oil can cover you up under the sunshine around a hundred minutes more or less. Moreover, this soy oil can act up as good moisturizer for a dry type of skin. Well, kill two birds with one stone!

Olive oil as magical cosmetics substances can also to use as sunscreen

The effect of SPF 10 within olive oil is indeed also considered one of the natural best sunscreens for face for so many people. Not to mention that this magical oil is also contained by rich antioxidant that is widely known to protect the ruin of your skin due to free radical and burn caused by ultraviolet from the sun. Well, it turns out that this oil is not only good for a diet or maintaining the health of your heart, but it is also good to be applied on the skin as sunscreen.

You can get natural concoction of sunscreen from Almond Oil

The other natural best sunscreen for face made from oil concoction is almond oil. This rich, fatty acids oil serves as SPF 5. It can be alternative to shield you up from both UV A and UV B for about fifty minutes more or less. Moreover, the content of Vitamin E inside the oil can make your skin even smoother and suppler. It is also working as a good sustenance for your skin. Well said those three are good natural oil concoctions that you can use as the substitute for chemical products of sunscreen.

3 Healthy Tips on How to Look Younger in a Week!

how to look younger

Well, unfortunately, we ain’t suggesting you do a facelift or plastic surgery procedure to answer your question regarding how to look younger? Besides, not everyone can afford that kind of expensive medical treatment. However, age matters. We live in a society which most of us judge by how people look, not from within. That is one of the reasons why the problematic about ages and beauty will always be arising at any places around the world. Glad news is you do not have to go through those expensive treatments to look younger. There are some ways you can do to make it happen. We will tell you several methods on how to look younger just in a week by applying these habits into your life. Check them out!

Good diet is the first trailblazer

There is this saying “you are what you eat“. It is not just a flim-flam statement comes from many advertisements to make you buy their product. This is real. You need to introspect yourself first about the way how you eat every single day. Flash back and think about your eating habit. Questions yourself about how many junk food you had stuffed into your stomach? Figure out about how much inadequate meal you had encountered in your life? – Once you have realized how bad your daily eating manners is, then now you can start your evolution.

One of the best starters in how to look younger is changing your eating habit. A good diet will not only keep your weight and fat under control but also give yourself a nourishment from the inside. It might take time, but there is no mistake in doing a good diet. By doing a good diet, you will give your body what it deserves.

Get Sweaty is the next stuff to do

Apart from correcting your meal and diet plan. You need to balance it with a good time to get sweat. Hit the gym at least minimally twice or three times a week around 30 minutes to an hour duration. You can try following some programs like Zumba, Yoga, weight lifting, and many else to get yourself bathed in sweat and burn calories. Doing exercises is also one of the ways how to look younger. Just make it as your lifestyle and things will go as what you expect.

Treat yourself an adequate time for sleep

There is no mistake that lack of sleep can cause various problems to your health. There is a reason why God created the night time for mankind. Which is to be the perfect time to rest and refurbish your energy. Some researchers even stated that lack of sleep is also considered as the main culprit of premature aging. It can make people look older than the actual age. It leads to the conclusion that enough sleep can also give you the access on how to look younger. Basically, all you need to do is be accustomed to a healthy lifestyle. It is more than enough to make you look younger.

Easy Arm Workouts, Building Terrific Biceps Like Larry Scott

Arm Workouts

Every bodybuilding fanatics and fitness addict must know the nickname of The Golden Boy which is pinned down to this legendary bodybuilder, Larry Scott. His career as USA’s one of the best IFBB Pro has brought his name to the utmost valued stage of Mr. Olympia. Made him a winner to sit in the throne back in 1965 to 1966. His particular muscle part which was blowing everyone away that time was his mountainously thick biceps. Making people wonder what kind of arm workouts routine he has gone through. Well, you can stop your curiosity now, since we will give you some astonishing tips of arm workouts tricks used by Larry Scott. Check them out!

3 grip variation preacher curls

You might be thinking about why it must be a preacher curl? – Well, the answer is pretty simple. It is because preacher curls can produce the best stimulation for your targeted muscle group. In this case is bicep. The IEMG maximum of motor unit activation is reaching about 90 percent. However, the trick comes afterward. Instead of only one grip curl at a time, you can save time to be more efficient by doing this three grip variations into your preacher curl. Those variations are close grip, medium grip, and wide grip. These variations will give you different angles which will be focusing the execution into different muscle fibers of your biceps.

Hammer curl with a twist

Hammer curl arm workout will work your brachioradialis, brachialis, and brachii at the same time. The forearm will also stimulate nicely. The trick here is by doing the twist to maximize the isolation. Some professional bodybuilder calls it as the breath of the biceps. How to do it is quite simple. Do some regular hammer curls for 9 to 11 reps, and after that, you just need to twist your arm while still grab the dumbbells right and left. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but no pain no gain right?

Cable curls for more extensions

Once you have done messing your biceps ups with those marvelous arm workouts, then finish the day by doing some cable curls for more extension to your biceps. The reason why we suggest to use cables or machine at the end of the whole exercises is that some experts say that machine or cables have good continuation of muscle tension with its dynamic resistance movements. You can do this exercise up to the failure or counted repetitions. And you can do any variety of the cable curls you desire.

Now you know the way how to bring those Larry Scott’s astonishing biceps and claim them as yours. Just make sure you set those arm workouts routine into your table of exercises. Do not forget to stay right on track of your diet plan without fail. If you can maintain your consistency, a good thing will certainly come to you eventually. Let us know it when you have gained those big guns and happy training guys!