Important! the Truth About Foods that Cause Constipation

Foods that Cause Constipation

Imagine you wake up in the morning and you feel the urge to finish the business in the toilet. You run yourself up away to your toilet only to find yourself then, cannot finish your urgent situation due to constipation. Well, you might suspect the stress you might have in your day, but the real culprit often from the foods you have eaten. There are abundant foods out there which can lead you into the uncomfortable situation of constipation. You might think it perhaps because of some fried food or soggy meals you have in the local restaurant. But it turns out, even some regular foods which are considered good for diet can cause you severe constipation. We will give you some hints about them here.

Bananas make you Go Banana!

Some diet experts mostly use the banana as one good fruit to consume. This yellow fruit often becomes one main course for a healthy meal plan, due to its rich potassium and vitamins. Diet fanatics usually eat a banana for morning fuel before breakfast. Well, it turns out that even this fruit is actually one of the foods that cause constipation. Some researchers begin to study about this fruit and found out that the content of starches in banana is quite difficult to digest. In which it leads to constipation. This issue is still debatable though. Some nutrition experts stated that constipation can happen if you consume unripe banana only. It will not happen if you eat the ripe one.

Some Dairy products are also mastermind

In dietary program and fitness plan. The dairy product is considered crucial due to its content of good protein intake for the body. However, some latest research discovered that consuming an excessive amount of dairy product can cause slow digesting process happen within your body. In other words, it is also giving a high risk of a digestive problem. The dairy product is also one of many common foods that cause constipation.

Too much caffeine and too much-unfinished business in toilet

If you are a coffee addict who always complains about how hard you have to go through every morning when you go to the toilet. Then you might need to consider your rate of caffeine you drink every day because it is also included on the list of beverage and foods that cause constipation. It is indeed something so delicate to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning before starting your day. But bear in mind that caffeine is the substance which actually absorbs water in your body. So your digestive system is dehydrated and then lead into constipation. If you cannot diminish your caffeine needs, then you might consider to balance it by drinking mineral water to stay dehydrated.

Fresh meat is not always fresh for you tummy

If you are fitness fanatics and on bulking phase. Then you should already know that you need much protein to make the gain. Hence, there are many cases which found bodybuilder often encounter constipation problem. This is because the fresh meat they take as the source of protein. Fresh meat has the hard protein fiber and iron which is known to be uneasy to digest.