Identify Appendicitis Symptoms before it’s too late!

Appendicitis Symptoms

Do you know that the death can become the ending of your recklessly late handling for the appendicitis disease? It is actually quite scary, and honestly, we are not messing around about that. Handling the patient who experiences appendicitis is crucial and important. It is because severe appendicitis can lead to bowel rupture which then infected to most of the peritoneum. The peritoneum is an important part of our body for it is the place where much blood vessels circulated. This bad news in medical terms is called sepsis or simply explained as bloodstream infection inside the body. That is why knowing the appendicitis symptoms and handle it right away can save lives. We got some quick explanations about them here.

You feel pain in your lower right stomach

Let’s cut to the chase here! Feeling bad and pain around our lower right part of your stomach is the ultimate appendicitis symptoms. This sign usually felt moving from around your navel and then move to the lower right. The more certain signs are it is hurt when you are walking, move your stomach, coughing or feeling uneasy on that part when you ride a vehicle. When you feel that way, then you better handle it quickly because it is highly possible that you have appendicitis symptoms.

You are experiencing quick fever

It is even clearer when you encounter pain on your lower right part of your stomach, and added by quick, sudden fever. One of the true signs of the inflammation of appendix is the fever. You cannot just assume that it is just an ordinary fever or colds. You better get yourself ready and handle it fast, for your life is at stake here.

Feeling nauseous, vomiting and got no appetite

Other common appendicitis symptoms are feeling nauseous and vomit, as well as no appetite. These signs are usually happening even before you can feel the pain in your lower right part of your stomach. So, if you are experiencing sudden feeling sick with no appetite and it seems like you want to throw up due to your nausea, then you better get prepared because it is highly possible that you have appendicitis disease.

You should go see a doctor if you are getting flatulence

This bloated stomach is actually complemented appendicitis symptoms. This will just make everything even more clearly. This signs usually tend to make you find yourself difficult to let loose of your fart. But bear in mind that flatulence is actually might be caused by many things like soft drinks, consuming too much vegetables and frigidity. However, it this bloat comes along with fever and pain on your lower right part of your stomach, then it is appendicitis symptoms.

Well, actually there are more signs than those appendicitis symptoms we have mentioned above. At least you now realize about it and able to identify appendicitis even more quickly. Fast handling is a good thing to do. Hope everything is alright, and you can handle appendicitis just in time.

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