20 Tips How to Lose Belly Fat Significantly

Low Fat Diet

People usually feel shy because they are fat. In fact, there are many parts of body that make you look fat such as thighs, belly or stomach, and arms. However, the most difficult body part in burning fat is on stomach or belly. Therefore, burning belly fat should be done rightly. If you want to know how to lose belly fat, you need to consider the following tips. So, you will reach your goal quickly as long as you follow the tips rightly.

1Consume Much Soluble Fiber

One of the best nutrients that you must get to burn belly fat is soluble fiber. It absorbs water & forms a gel which helps you slow down foods when it passes through the digestive system. There are also many studies which show that fiber can make you feel full faster by eating less. Besides that, it can also decrease calories that your body absorbs from your daily foods. In addition, soluble fiber can fight belly fat so that consuming it belongs to the best ways how to burn belly fat. Some foods that contain soluble fiber are blackberries, legumes, avocados, Brussels sprouts, shirataki noodles, and flaxseeds.

2Avoid Trans Fats

The next tip how to lose belly fat is to avoid Trans Fats. Trans Fats are made by pumping hydrogen to unsaturated fats like soybean oil. Some foods that contain Trans Fats are such as spreads, margarines, and some packaged foods. This bad nutrient can cause various diseases including abdominal fat gain, insulin resistance, heart disease, and inflammation. So, if you want to buy a packed food, you have to read the labels of ingredients first to make sure that the foods do not contain Trans Fats.

3Limit or Avoid Alcohol If You Can

If you often drink alcohol, you must limit it now. It belongs to the best ways how to reduce belly fat. Even more, you should stop drinking alcohol if you can. Alcohol has a little benefit for health but it can cause dangerous problems for health. It can also gain belly fat faster. Recent studies show that drinking alcohol improves the risk of obesity. So, limiting alcohol can reduce your belly fat. If you can avoid it, it will be better and you can be healthier, too.

4Eat High Protein Foods

One of the most important nutrients needed by your body is protein. It can help you maintain your weight. That is why eating high protein foods becomes one of the tips how to lose belly fat. With high protein intake, it can decrease appetites & promotes fullness faster. It can also improve metabolic rate and even help you retain your muscle mass during your diet. So, where can you find protein? It can be found in various foods such as eggs, nuts, whey protein, dairy, fish and meat. You can choose your desired foods.

5Keep Away from Stress

The next tip how to lower belly fat is to avoid stress. Stress hormone can gain belly fat that may lead to overweight or even obese. Stress hormone or also is called as cortisol can improve appetite & also drive abs fat storage. In addition, stress can make people hungry and they usually eat more than usual. That is why you must treat stress. There are many ways to treat or avoid stress such as medication or yoga. You may also need to go holiday to keep away from stress.

6Limit Sugary Foods

Sugary foods are delicious. However, they are linked to various chronic diseases if you consume it too much. For example, sugary foods can cause the higher risk of fatty liver disease, diabetes type 2 and heart disease. Furthermore, high sugar intake relates to improved abdominal fat. What if you are a sugar lover? You can replace your sugar with healthier one such as real honey. Anyway, limiting sugary foods is considered as one of the most effective methods how to lose belly fat.

7Do Exercises

Of course, everyone agrees that doing exercises becomes the most effective way how to lose stomach fat. However, if you want to focus on burning belly fat, I recommend you to do cardio or aerobic exercises. Cardio exercise is the most effective type of exercise in burning calorie and fat. There are many examples that you can do such as walking, running, jogging, high intensity interval training, treadmill, etc. In addition, there is also aerobic dance that is enjoyable and exciting to do together with other people. So, your weight loss diet will be more fun.

Cutting carb intake is really beneficial in the method of how to lose belly fat. If you eat less than 50 grams of carbohydrate per day, you can reduce belly fat significantly. Even more, it can also lower the risk of diabetes type 2 as well as polycystic ovary syndrome on women. Today, there is what is called low carb diet where it requires you to eat foods that contain low or zero carb and avoid foods that contain high carb. However, if you follow low carb diet, you have to be careful when doing exercises.

9Replace Cooking Fats with Coconut Oil

Not all fats are bad for you. There are some kinds of fat that are even good for weight loss diet. One of them is coconut oil. That is why consuming coconut oil belongs to the most recommended ways how to lose belly fat. It can boost your metabolism and also decrease your belly fat fast. A study shows that men who take coconut oil every day for 3 months can lose their waist size about 1.1 inches or 2.86 centimeters. However, you have to know that coconut oil is high calorie. So, you should not eat other fats.

10Lift Weights

Once again related to exercise, performing resistant training can also be one of the tips to follow. In this case, what I recommend to you is to lift weights such as dumbbells or barbells. It can also prevent fatty liver disease and diabetes type 2. Even though lifting weights mostly need energy from arms, it is really effective to lose your belly fat. So, how to lose belly fat can also be done with this exercise.

11Avoid Sweetened Drinks

Drinks are mostly sweetened by sugar. These drinks are full of liquid fructose where it can gain stomach fat. A study shows that sugary drink can increase fat and lead to significant abdominal fat gain. Sweetener is mostly found in beverages. However, when it comes to foods, it will be more dangerous because it comes in solid food. Some of the most common sugar sweetened drinks are such as alcohol, sweet tea, punch and soda. If you want to drink sweet beverages, you can replace sugar with honey. It will be healthier so that you do not need to worry even you are following weight loss diet. In conclusion, avoiding sweetened drinks becomes one of the tips how to lose belly fat.

12Have Enough Sleep

Sleep is very important for your health. That is why you must have enough sleep every day. Sleep does not only resting your body. However, it also relates to metabolism that affects weight loss. If you have much fat in your stomach, having enough sleep regularly will help you burn the fat. In a day, you need to sleep about 7 to 8 hours in the night. What to keep in mind is that you should go to bed and wake up earlier.

13Monitor Your Exercise and Food Intake

This also belongs to the key how to lose belly fat. What you need to do is to track your exercise and food intake. Today, there are many apps that you can use for this purpose. So, you can monitor it via Smartphone, laptop, tablet, PC, etc. You have to make sure that you get enough fiber, carbs, protein and micronutrients. For your physical activities, you should also make sure that it is effective to burn your belly fat. So, you may need to vary the exercises in different days.

14Eat Fatty Fish

Fatty fish is really healthy. They contain high protein & omega 3 fatty acids which protect you from various diseases. Even more, omega 3 fatty acids contained in fatty fish can help you lose stomach fat quickly. For children, fatty fish is very useful to lower the risk of abdominal fat and liver fat. For the best result, you should eat fatty fish 2 to 3 servings every day. Some of the best and most common fatty fish are such as anchovies, mackerel, sardines, herring, and salmon. You can consider your desired fatty fish.

15Do Not Drink Fruit Juice

Fruit juice and very delicious and it also has so many health benefits. However, if you want to know how to lose belly fat, you must not drink it. Even though it contains minerals and vitamins, fruit juice is rich in sugar especially if it is mixed with soda or added with sweetener. So, drinking fruit juice too much can gain your belly fat. For your information, 8 ounces of apple juice have 24 grams of sugar. This amount is half of fructose. So, to reduce belly fat, you have to be careful in choosing beverages to drink. I recommend you to drink water, lime or lemon water, and unsweetened iced tea.

16Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

If you drink apple cider vinegar, you can improve your health. Furthermore, it can also lower your blood sugar level because it contains acetic acid. It is very useful to lower belly fat storage according to some studies. Drinking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar every day in 12 weeks will reduce 1.4 inches of waist size on men. It is also safe to consume so that this is recommended so much. Therefore, you have to add this to your weight loss diet.

17Take Probiotic Supplement

The next tip how to lose belly fat is by eating probiotic foods or supplements. It can improve gut health and also immune function. In fact, various kinds of bacteria can affect weight regulation so much. So, taking probiotic supplement can help you lose your belly fat. If you need this supplement, you can consult to your doctor or nutrient experts. Today, there are many supplements like that available at many stores.

18Follow Intermittent Fasting

Today, intermittent fasting is more and more popular. It also belongs to the best tips how to lose belly fat and overall weight loss. It requires you to plan eating pattern which cycles between eating and fasting periods. One of the most popular methods is to fast 16 hours a day and to eat for 8 hours remaining. To easy you easy following this, you should fast in the evening and during your sleep at night. By following this, you can reduce about 4 to 7 percent of belly fat in 6 to 24 weeks.

19Drink Green Tea

Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages. It contains caffeine as well as antioxidant properties that help you boost metabolism. Many studies show that drinking green tea becomes one of the most advised ways how to lose belly fat significantly. To optimize the result, you can combine it with doing exercise in routine. There are many people who have proven it and this method works well. So, you should not hesitate to follow it. Green tea is also delicious so that you must enjoy drinking it.

20Change Lifestyle

Sometimes, your lifestyle can cause belly fat gain. So, you must change your bad lifestyles. For example, you need to stop smoking, stop drinking alcohol, be more active, do not sleep late, wake up earlier, etc. You can combine the tips above if possible. Anyway, how to lose belly fat is easy if you follow the methods above rightly. You can see the result after a few weeks. Then you will have your dream of body.

Description: How to lose belly fat should be planned with proper diet. There are many ways that you can try. You can follow your desired ways from these 20 tips.

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