Easy Arm Workouts, Building Terrific Biceps Like Larry Scott

Arm Workouts

Every bodybuilding fanatics and fitness addict must know the nickname of The Golden Boy which is pinned down to this legendary bodybuilder, Larry Scott. His career as USA’s one of the best IFBB Pro has brought his name to the utmost valued stage of Mr. Olympia. Made him a winner to sit in the throne back in 1965 to 1966. His particular muscle part which was blowing everyone away that time was his mountainously thick biceps. Making people wonder what kind of arm workouts routine he has gone through. Well, you can stop your curiosity now, since we will give you some astonishing tips of arm workouts tricks used by Larry Scott. Check them out!

3 grip variation preacher curls

You might be thinking about why it must be a preacher curl? – Well, the answer is pretty simple. It is because preacher curls can produce the best stimulation for your targeted muscle group. In this case is bicep. The IEMG maximum of motor unit activation is reaching about 90 percent. However, the trick comes afterward. Instead of only one grip curl at a time, you can save time to be more efficient by doing this three grip variations into your preacher curl. Those variations are close grip, medium grip, and wide grip. These variations will give you different angles which will be focusing the execution into different muscle fibers of your biceps.

Hammer curl with a twist

Hammer curl arm workout will work your brachioradialis, brachialis, and brachii at the same time. The forearm will also stimulate nicely. The trick here is by doing the twist to maximize the isolation. Some professional bodybuilder calls it as the breath of the biceps. How to do it is quite simple. Do some regular hammer curls for 9 to 11 reps, and after that, you just need to twist your arm while still grab the dumbbells right and left. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but no pain no gain right?

Cable curls for more extensions

Once you have done messing your biceps ups with those marvelous arm workouts, then finish the day by doing some cable curls for more extension to your biceps. The reason why we suggest to use cables or machine at the end of the whole exercises is that some experts say that machine or cables have good continuation of muscle tension with its dynamic resistance movements. You can do this exercise up to the failure or counted repetitions. And you can do any variety of the cable curls you desire.

Now you know the way how to bring those Larry Scott’s astonishing biceps and claim them as yours. Just make sure you set those arm workouts routine into your table of exercises. Do not forget to stay right on track of your diet plan without fail. If you can maintain your consistency, a good thing will certainly come to you eventually. Let us know it when you have gained those big guns and happy training guys!

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