How Do You Choose The Best Foam Roller


What is a foam roller

Foam Roller is a self-massage tool or exercise equipment. That use to massage and body fitness. This tool has a variety of shapes, sizes, and types of foam so that it can adjust to the needs of the body. So it is an efficient and useful tool.

What are the health benefits

The advantages of foam rollers for health, such as to help speed up the process of muscle recovery from heavy exercise. The process of myofascial release or reduce the tension in the muscles are tight by rolling in a tight area. With the help of this tool, you can briefly restore the body’s fitness.
Various types of foam rollers have been made to suit your needs. For that matter to note what rolls match your preferences

Guide to choosing foam roller

Based on the material foam roller available in the market made from PE, EVA, EPP, etc. Each material has a different level of softness/firm. Besides the standard of softness, the shape factor also influences the usefulness of each foam roller.

1. Soft foam roller

It is suitable for beginners, and soft foam rollers can be used for everyone because this is the most basic foam roll. So this will not be too torture on the body. This option is perfect for the recovery process from moderate exercise. And you can use this type of roller foam for balance and stretching exercises.

You can choose this one

2. Firm

For an athlete or professional will require a deeper and more intense massage. Muscles are much harder when used for strenuous exercises. The firm foam roller is the right choice to speed up the muscle recovery process. That is more effective for reducing the tension in the muscles of the bronze.
Lots of products are in the market. However, I recommend using roller from OPTP because it is a roller with a good performance.

3. Grid System

That is only for professionals. Wrong in this use can cause pain in your body. Grid foam roller is only for specialized usage.

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