The Alternative Best Cold Medicine that You Can Do at Home

Best Cold Medicine

Getting yourself under the weather is annoying. Moreover, when you have piling works to finish, and your body seems to be refusing to continue the activity by showing cold and harsh temperature change. In that uncomfortable situation, people tend to look for the best cold medicine to get rid of it quickly. However, there are some simple things to do which are considered as one of the best cold medicine to apply. You don’t have to worry because these methods are simply applicable without necessarily bring you to the nearby hospital. Figure them out now:

1Try warm water compresses this time!

Without a doubt, we have already know that the cold water compresses have applied as the natural treatment from generation to generations. Whereas, cold water compresses is actually not healing any cold or fever. What actually happens is that our body will translate the cold water compresses as the threat of cold temperature for the body. Which is then automatically increase the temperature and worsen the fever.

Some researchers found out that applying warm water compresses is even more beneficial to decrease the fever instead of cold water compresses. Dilated blood vessels caused by warm temperature from the compressed is triggering the sweat release and then facilitate the heat to diminish from the body. This warm water compresses is basically natural best cold medicine you can apply at home.

2Fill yourself up with so much liquid!

A medical research done in Vanderbilt School of Medicine by Dr. William Schaffner has the discovery that one of the best cold medicine we can apply at home is filling ourselves up with much liquid. The liquid here does not mean only mineral water. A person who got cold can also consume any liquid from warm tea or herbal drink, and even broth soup. This consumption of excessive liquid will help the cold patient to thin mucus which clogs the nose and throat as well as help to produce sweat and lower body temperature.

3Wet socks?! No Kidding!

Besides those two best cold medicine we have narrated above. There is another method which is considered quite unique. This method called wet socks cold treatment. Some medical experts in Maryland Medical Centre University have figured out that this way can help reduce the fever of cold patient. Before going to bed rest. You need to soak a pair of cotton socks into the water and wring it out. Once it is done, then you can stick it onto the sole of your foot like common compresses. After that, you need to wear thick dry wool or cotton socks for the coating of the wet socks.

By doing this. Your cold will start to get better due to your body’s circulation of lymph fluids, and tight blood flows to the tip of your feet. This will trigger and stimulate the enhancement of your immune system. Then to do the battle roughly with the cold and fever you are inflicted with.