These 4 Indications Tells You Have Anxiety Attack

Anxiety Attack
Anxiety Attack

Being anxious is fine, we all have this kind of feeling in any occasion of our life. Like, stress out about our financial matter, doing a presentation in front of clients, or the time when someone wants to confess the feeling to love ones. However, it is not just normal anxiety if it takes over your life due to its excessive visit. People nowadays get anxious so often, in fact, some people have got themselves into bad anxiety attack without even realize it. But worry not about it! We have four indications that can tell you. Is your anxiety problem has already crossed the line or not?

1You encounter sleeping problem

The sleeping problem always believed to be linked to an abundant variety of health issue. Pay no attention to some articles saying about people who have insomnia is more creative people that who don’t. It is only justification, saying that everything is alright. But it is not! – In fact getting yourself encountering sleeping problem might be one indication of the anxiety attack and disorder.

The sleeping problem here is not like when you are overwhelmed with anticipation over some big event on the following days. But more like you wide awake in bed worrying about nothing in particular. However, the sleeping problem is not all about the matter of inadequate sleep. Some experts say that it means the same when someone can sleep but has a bad nightmare over time or waking up with an uneasy feeling.

2You often have chronic disease in indigestion

Another sign of the anxiety attack and disorder is its shape or manifestation on your digestive matter. Don’t get us wrong here! Anxiety problem may occur originally from your mind. But your body system will be affected by it. Some experts say that our gut is one of many sensitive parts of our body which can tell about a psychological problem. You can read it by indicating the frequency of digestive problem happens such as constipation, diarrhea, cramp, stomachache, bloat and else.

3You often come up with irrational fears

Several anxiousness usually bounded into a specific situation or stuff. It is not generalized. Say maybe someone is afraid of a specific animal or afraid of height. When your fear upon those specific things become excessive, disruptive and make you sink into way much out of proportion. Then you find yourself has an anxiety attack and disorder.

4You make sudden flashback to traumatic experience

One other true indicator of an anxiety attack is PTSD. Based on some recent researches, this Post-Traumatic Stress is not a stand-alone condition but rather to be called joining factor of anxiety disorder. So, if you often revive a traumatic and bad flashback of your life – as violence happened in your childhood, the death of your beloved ones, bad experience in school or campus life and many others. Then it might be a sign, and you have an anxiety attack on yourself. Well, if you do have those all four signs we mention above, then you might consider yourself to meet some experts to consult about it.

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