3 Simple Natural Best Mosquito Repellent You Can Do it Yourself

best mosquito repellent

Let’s not beat around the bushes! – We all hate mosquitos. Nobody in this world will be a good enough to let a single mosquito stabbing our skin and suck our blood out without going crazy about it. Clapping them everywhere. Unless you are a monk who lives with the nature on top of the mountain. Well, to tell you the truth, even those monks also often use some best mosquito repellent to make them away. But, the difference is that they use natural concoction for it and we don’t. In this article, we will tell you some of those natural best mosquito repellents you can use as the alternative for chemical substances of mosquito repellent nowadays.

Lemongrass leaves and eucalyptus oil

The most ancient way to kick those annoying mosquitos from your sight is using lemongrass leaves. You can make the concoction from it by blending some sheets of lemongrass leaves with warm water. Mix them up and leave it be for around 6 to 12 hours. Right after the time pass, drain it and separate dregs to obtain its liquid. Use the liquid of lemongrass leaves to spray around your room and suspected spots where mosquitos often appear. To get an even more powerful effect, you can combine it with eucalyptus oil. That is the first natural best mosquito repellent.

Lavender can also do the work as best mosquito repellent

Naturally, mosquitos hate some kinds of flowers. Flowers like chrysanthemum, rosemary and else are believed to be good repellent for mosquito.  And one of those flowers that mosquitos hate and favored by people is lavender. Making the concoction made from lavender has its own perks. Knowing lavender has unique fragrance which is suitable for your room. In fact, it is also hated by mosquitos. So why don’t you use it to dispel their attack? – All you need to do is mix the lavender oil with water. You can add a little bit of yeast to get a more powerful result. Once it is mixed nicely, simply put it in a strategic place in your room. Truly the best mosquito repellent.

Peel your orange skin to cast mosquitos out

If you like to eat an orange, then lucky for you because it is also good to be the natural best mosquito repellent. Just ensure to not throw those orange skin you peel and gather them up. To make such concoction from it is quite easy. You just need to easily put those orange skin to some spots around your room to keep yourself safe from mosquitos. But just remember, to change it regularly with the new orange skin substituting the old one. Because if you forget about it, then it will attract more mosquito to come closer instead. There are many other natural best mosquito repellent that is actually easy to make. Even stuff in our kitchen like onion, lemonade, and many others can also be applied as a mosquito repellent. Perhaps, we will explain about them later on the next time.

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