10 Things, What Should I Eat in A Day

What should I Eat

We are what we eat, is a phrase we read every time, everywhere. That is true as well. What we eat has a very big role in not just our health but our life expectancy, our growth, our thoughts and many other key factors of our existence. There’s a lot that we consume in everyday life that is not really needed by the body, and there are even that hurt our body without us knowing about it. So here is the list of the 10 things that you can easily question as to what should I eat today. To help you to create a healthy meal plan.

10. Banana

Banana sources a lot of nutrients

An apple a day keeps the doctor away? Yes! But only a few people know that a banana is equally important too, and it makes us get a lot of nutrients that are otherwise missing in our daily diet. The banana gives and settles down proper potassium to the body and also give necessary fiber to the body. It is also very useful for the people who have problems with their cholesterol levels, last but not least it is easily available as well and can enhance the flavor of our mouth too.

9. Spinach

spinach leaves


Greens are important and vital for a day as well. Leafy greens like Spinach are filled with all of the nutritious entities. As they are all filled with the flavonoids, they actually help the body in removing the inflammation. They also help the bodybuilders because they help muscles regain freshness back from the workouts as well. Because of this exceptionally valuable quality, spinach makes people lose weight quickly and also provides better health. The same can be said about kale, broccoli, and some lettuces.

8. Berries

strawberry and other berries


Berries might look small and totally out of the picture in the beginning, but they have scientifically proven to be very useful in providing a very good armor to the body against aging. The blueberries, for example, have very high antioxidants that alternatively slow down the cell damage which clearly saves the body from degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Another one of the best features of berries is that they can be added in multiple other creams or yogurt that boosts up the protein intake of the body. Strawberries, for example, provide potassium, vitamin C and include folate in them that is very useful.

7. Yogurt

Yogurt good for weight loss


No matter which civilization claims the invention of this product the benefits body gets from it are beyond any compare and discussion. People who eat yogurt get a dose of animal protein and also get calcium, vitamin B-2 and also vitamin B-12 it also includes potassium and magnesium as well. It is one of the most common ways of consuming healthy bacteria that are very important and beneficial for the gut as probiotics. Last but not least, yogurt also helps with the weight loss.

6. Walnuts



Now, these might sound like a very small thing, but their effects on the body are enormous. Just snacking on a few in the evening can give you Omega-3 fatty acids which are very useful for the functioning of the brain. This directly affects all of the cardiovascular diseases and enhances the defense system of the body. There’s less cellular damage and also helps taking care of your diet in a day as you’re less likely to snack until dinner so, quite useful in losing weight. Isn’t it?

5. Avocados



If you’re having some problem with the cholesterol, then avocados are definitely your thing. Although avocados don’t come very cheap and eating them can go a little heavy on your wallet, but still, they will be worth it. They effectively reduce the bad cholesterol and prevent conditions that can later cause arthritis. They as well have proven to be very helpful in reducing the weight over a very long term.

4. Oatmeal



There’s a reason why a lot of people who go to the gym have oatmeal as their breakfast for almost every morning. It is also one of those cheapest meals that are filled with all of the basic nutrients required by a body. They are very high in fiber, the regular consumption of oatmeal helps lowering down the cholesterol levels and also reduce the blood pressure. The chances of gaining weight because of regular oatmeal diet are near to zero. Oatmeal with just a single bowl gives us enough energy for a day.

3. Coffee



Well, to many around the world, this is something they start their day with and for that there are multiple reasons. Several studies have shown that a little coffee every day helps reduce your chance of liver damage, staves off Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and even improves your performance in the gym. All you need to do is take a cup in the morning and then start the day it also enhances your mood. But drinking coffee at night can affect the sleep cycles so their consumption must be kept in check.

2. Beetroot



There are plenty of people who don’t like consuming beetroot, but it has proven to be a wholesome diet itself as well. The benefits you can get from it are way better to ignore. Multiple conducted studies have shown, a diet that has beetroot in access can improve the aerobic performance and also boost the brain activity. Even if you have a problem with eating it clear, try using it in a juice variety first.

1. Egg



On top of the list comes something that is going to fend off an incoming stroke by 12 percent. Eggs are widely used all over the world in the different dish as well, and they are a fully packed package for proteins. They are a perfect source for the muscle enhancement and B-group vitamins as well that are very good for eyes. The best part is it providing those healthy fats that can help the eyes in their vision and also take care of the joints. An egg a day is going to keep the doctor away as well, and it’s not going to raise cholesterol either.

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